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There is a 30 day money back guarantee.  If by chance you are unhappy, no problem.  Let me know within 30 days.  You keep the product and I will organize your refund.  So it is risk free.

Why have I highlighted the following products:

  • vegetarian protein shake and the sport Vanilla are no sweet, leave no after taste and are amazing in flavor
  • The vegetarian protein powders of banana and coffee double dip.  They provide protein but also fibre at the same time. Great way to keep regular.
  • The protein bars have no after taste, not dusty and are very filling
  • The aloevera concentrate (4 flavors.  I enjoy the grape and mandarin the most) is amazing for gut health and also help those who have had the gastric sleeve make the water lighter to drink until the swelling settles


The weight loss surgery supplement that I would recommend is a one day chewable or capsule from


Chocolate protein Powder (Whey)

Vanilla Almond Protein bar (9gm protein 133cals)

High Protein Ice Coffee Mocha (15gm protein 80cal)

Aloe Concentrate Grape (supports digestion)

Vanilla protein Powder (Whey)

Citrus Lemon Protein bar (9gm protein 133cals)

High Protein Ice Coffee Latte Mocchiato (15gm protein 80cal)

Aloe Concentrate Mango (supports digestion)

Vanilla Sport Meal Replacement (whey)

Chocolate Peanut Protein bar (9gm protein 133cals)

Aloe Concentrate Original (supports digestion)

Aloe Concentrate Mandarin (supports digestion)