When some clients finally come and see me at the clinic for an individualized consultation after much persuasion from their doctor or surgeon, they are often relieved to hear that I do not focus on what to eat when helping people to lose weight. As odd as this may sound. Yes I do have the title of Dietitian printed on my forehead but I honestly believe that most people understand what to eat in principle but simply struggle to “do it” often enough to observe a lasting effect.

Irrespective for the reason, I find that most individuals try and be too perfect with their food choices. That is, try and avoid all the “bad” food such as fried food, chocolate, carbohydrates cakes etc. But the problem; the more you try to avoid a particular food, guess what, the more you think about it and crave it and think through the process of how yummy but naughty it would be. Then once you start you simply can’t stop until you are strong enough to start your diet again. So my focus here is the following:

Step 1. Take you through an exercise to show you or confirm if you are personally stuck on the diet cycle, which makes you over eat out of control

Step 2. If you answer yes, to then demonstrate how to break the dieting cycle mentality and control the craving and learn to stop on a smaller amount of food.

Step 3. Once you have accepted the non-dieting principle I will then show you how you can eat a little of everything guilt free.

These three steps will help you raise your standards to change your belief system to be able to implement a different strategy into your lifestyle to stay focused more often than not. Realistically, if you followed through with the ideal balanced lifestyle 80% of the time, believe me, let the remaining 20% be less strict but never drop the bundle completely.

That is stop being perfect, because perfectionism breeds failure and we are looking for success. 20% of your time you may eat out of boredom, habit or emotion, but in a controlled manner-this is the key difference.

So lets start working through each step with the videos below.

Please download your Dieters Life Handout here diet_life

Please download the non-hungry eating handout reasons_for_nonhungry_eating

Think about how you can do to curb non-hungry eating by filling in the handout, ways to curving_nonhungry_binge

Learn How To Break The Dieting Mentality of being on or off below. Prior to watching the video,please download the  dieting_cycle handout

The key learning’s of the above video were:

  1. No more labeling of food, describe in a neutral manner
  2. No more legalizing of over eating, repeat instead; No I’m no starting, do I really need it. If you still wish to eat, then move to step 3 and review how you can eat while not hungry differently
  3. Wait 10minutes, if still desire to eat, portion control to a small amount of food and then sit and eat off a plate enjoying every mouthful, as will be explained in the video below.



As a reference guide,you can download the staying-on-track-breaking-the-diet-cycle summarizing the above series of videos.

Early 2016, I ran a weight loss fundraiser event for my children’s school. The first session was at the school and the remaining were phone conference calls. I would like to add one to this page. It is about 1 hour in duration. I answer questions about helping people to apply the knowledge we spoke about in the videos above. I also spoke about how it is important to draw a line in the sand and make a decision to let go of the past of has not worked and try something new.  To listen click below

Below is a 5min video summarizing all of the above that I produced for Foxtel, some years back. Content is s till great. Yes I do look a little different now.