PRE-Surgery Education For The BYpass

To save you taking down copious notes, you can download a summary of the key points here,Gastric Bypass Information and OPtifast

Once you have watched the presentation, feel free to email me any additional questions.

The Long Term Eating Plan To Lose Weight

With The Bypass Surgery

Having had bypass surgery, you would have begun to experience how it will help you eat less and feel content on this smaller volume.  Please never forget the one key element, the bypass surgery is not meant to physically stop you on a  certain amount of food. With a reduced appetite, the surgery will help YOU physically stop at a certain amount of food, by feeling content not full.

Your next question to me is like to be at this stage might be, Helen what do I eat?, How much do I eat?

The 30 to 40min presentation below will address all of these questions. In preparation to help you self assess your actual intake and make the presentation as interactive as possible, just like you were seeing me at clinic, please download the following hatstand. All you need to do is click on the link and a screen will the handout will be visible.

Plate ModelBY-Pass

serves of carbohydrate -Bypass

Food Record By-Pass

Below is a shopping guide indicating which foods would be ideal to buy from your local shopping centre such as Coles or Woolworths. There are also portioned meal ideas which are both either carbohydrate free or maximum of 1 serve of carbohydrate.  I hope you find this resource helpful for you?  To view and print off please click on the following link bypass shopping guide