I look forward to consulting during our initial appointment. To help support your journey as much as possible I have decided to include 3 months of FREE access to all the topics you can see above. You can any topics that is relevant for you as many times as you like over a 3month time frame.

I do encourage you maximize this access to help propel you forward.

The Nutritional and mindset videos are relevant for:

  • General weight loss
  • Diabetes
  • Irritable bowel disease
  • All weight loss surgery types
  • General health
  • How to break the habit of non-hungry and or emotional eating
  • How to stay focused on track by managing your health by not trying to be perfect. This is the key

The fee for the initial appointment is $120

On payment you will gain immediate access to the all the videos and you have pre-paid for your individual consultation with Helen Bauzon