There are two phases to this 60minute online low FODMAP presentation.

Phase 1: Learn which foods to eat to become symptom free

Phase 2: Learn how to re-introduce foods back into your diet, increase the variety and remain symptom free

Included in the on-line presentation is a FREE copy of the Digestive Problems E-Book, which contains:

  • photographic images of foods to buy, meal and snack ideas, eating out suggestions and a 7 day low FODMAP, calorie controlled meal plan.

The link to the presentation will expire within 24hrs of booking into the presentation. During this time you are able to watch the presentation as many times as you like.  IN fact allowing me to educate you in the comfort of your own home save you not only time but also money of $70. If you were to visit the clinic, you would need to see me on two separate occasions for the same detail. AN initial appointment of $120 and a review of $70.

Once you have watched the presentation, feel free to contact me for any clarification.