There are two phases to this 60minute online low FODMAP presentation.
Phase 1: Learn which foods to eat to become symptom free
Phase 2: Learn how to re-introduce foods back into your diet, increase the variety and remain symptom free
Included in the on-line presentation is a FREE copy of the Digestive Problems E-Book, which contains:
photographic images of foods to buy, meal and snack ideas, eating out suggestions and a 7 day low FODMAP, calorie controlled meal plan.

I have some great news. Since producing the presentation above where it recommends you purchase the Digestive problems Book, the ebook version is now available to you for free. You can download the book by clicking on the following link fructose book (LOW FODMAP)

Handouts to print off to work through during the presentation are the following:

fructose malabsorption(website)

Challenge Flow Chart – How to re-introduce food back into your diet