The 20minute presentation will help you understand what the Glycemic Index (GI) is and to apply both low fat and low GI foods into your diet to help you feel fuller for longer, control your blood glucose levels and lower cholesterol levels.

It’s not about eating only low GI foods, because this will restrict the variety of food dramatically. Instead, include one low fat and low GI food at each meal if possible, if not atleast the first and last main meal of the day.

Download your slowly_digested_carbohydrate handout for a list of foods which are LOW GI, to help you assess if you have included a low fat low GI food per main meal.

Your key take home message: if your choice of bread, breakfast cereals and rice are low GI then most of your meals containing carbohydrate will have a low GI value also.

Below is a power point presentation, explaining the science behind how the GI is determined. Don’t stress it is still presented in easy to understand manner. Enjoy


Below is a 5minute summary of the whole GI concept I produced for Foxtel