The 50minute video below provides a great over view of what the ideal balance and portions of food you need to eat to lose weight, manage your diabetes and cholesterol levels or simply just eat well.  You would ideally watch this after you have seen the Label Reading presentation, as this would help answer the question of which products to buy, followed by this next presentation to indicate how much to eat and the ideal balance of protein to carbs.

If you have specific dietary needs due to irritable bowl or weight loss surgery, then all you need to do is talk to Helen and additional information will be provided.

It is highly recommended that you download the files listed below that you will be referring to during the above presentation, before you begin listening to the video. It’s always best to be prepared as much as possible. This will enable you to self assess your personal dietary intake and discover which dietary changes you will need to make to help you lose weight, control your diabetes and lower your cholesterol levels.

The print the files listed below just click on the link
Food Assessment Form

Keep in mind that below, I also have some shorter videos explaining topics discussed in the video above. This provides you the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge and hear the same content discussed differently.

In addition you can also download your general shopping guide (PDF) which contains pictures of ideal products to buy, portioned meal ideas and a 2 week meal plan.


Pyramid to plate model

Serves of carbohydrate video below

Eat rather than drinking the sugars

Monitoring your fat calories

Below is quick 5min video I produce for Foxtel some years back. I summarize really well the baalnce and volume of food. Having gone through all the detail above you would now have the volume of knowledge of the how to do it yourself. I am a little stricter now and only recommend snacks if hungry between meal times.

serves of carbohydrate
meal plate(webinar)
serve size from each food group