Prior to introducing the concept of understanding what to eat and the ideal balance of foods to eat to lose weight, we need to understand which foods ideally should we add to our shopping trolley?

Raw unprocessed foods of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken fish as a few examples is easy.  There is no label, theya re all fine.  However what about when we look at processed foods? Foods with numbers, chemical words and nutritional claims such as light, low fat etc. The videos below will help you read the labels correctly.

In summary, focus on the 100gm per column of food. Within a few seconds you will know if it is a better product to buy. how much food to eat is addressed in food portions and balance.

The video below will help you work through the products that you chose to assess from your own pantry or fridge.  Take the time to check what you might need to replace with a better product next time you go shopping.

Below is the online lecture referred to in the first video.

The weight loss shopping guide provides a general shopping guide (PDF) and photos of ideal products to buy to get you started.

Below is a quick 5min over view of reading labels that I produced for Foxtel some years back. A nice summary for you. However you understand the detail from all the content above.