I have a 5 minute video to summarize why I believe most people struggle with weight loss.

To help you implement the strategies, we will work through how to:

  1. Raise your standards
  2. Alter your limiting beliefs
  3. Change your strategy

The principles of this is explained below in the video by Tony Robbins below and I have summarized in writing below the video.


We all had dreams of how our lives would turn out… We all had an idea of what our bodies would look like. Deep down we all want to feel amazingly fit, strong and healthy; we all want to stand up tall. Yet for many of us, these aspirations still elude us. Overcome by frustration, daily routines and limited time, we sometimes no longer even make an effort to begin making a change. We give up and place it in the “too hard basket” and do nothing.

You may be lost at the moment – feeling that you have repeatedly tried and failed each time, to the point where you are feeling defeated and deflated. Emotions of guilt, shame and hopelessness likely surround you about how you got this way. Perhaps you are feeling you are too far gone, as you have gained too much weight and have repeatedly tried to lose the excess baggage weighing you down. What I know about you already is that you are a fighter. You have not given up, as you are still seeking a solution – and your solution is here.

Think back to the time when you felt your fittest and lightest on your feet, when you could move freely and do everything you desired – and most importantly deserved. I bet you have a smile on your face.

Now you may be thinking it’s just not possible to get this back. But you can go back to that old great feeling body. If it’s possible for others, it is possible for you. If you have forgotten how, this book gives you the “how” – how to get back on track and stay there.

In 1979 a study was conducted on students in the HARVARD MBS program. In that year the students were asked, “Have you set clear written goals for the future and made plans to accomplish them?” Only 3% of the graduates had written out goals and plans, while 13% had goals that were not written and 84% had no specific goals at all.

Ten years later, the members of the class were interviewed. The results were astonishing. The 3% who had clear written goals were earning an average ten times as much as the remaining 97% put together. It’s not about the money – it’s about making your dreams a reality. With such proof of this success, I’m going to coach you through the same process as the Harvard students, in order for your dreams to become a reality as well.

This reinforces the fact that your weight loss needs planning, just like other major events in your life (such as building a house). Would you ever consider building a house without discussing your desired outcome (such as the number of bedrooms, ensuites, outdoor living area) with your builder – or even more importantly, when you would like the project completed? You would never leave these crucial decisions to a bunch of different tradesmen with differing views and preferences. It’s your house – you need to control the outcome, just like with your weight.

My job is to be your architect and project manager. What I have laid out in this online program is a plan to help you re-build your life and stay on top in a healthy relationship with food.

Focus on what counts, live life with passion and ignore what can’t be changed. People often enter the clinic seeking the magic bullet from me so they can lose weight. Guess what? You have it within yourself, but may not even realise this. I am going to coach you through the process of finding it and using it to shape your destiny.

You chose to join the Say Yes support team  for a reason. You are still searching for answers to take control of your weight . Congratulations. You have just made the best decision of your life.

I need you to keep an open mind and allow me to coach you through the process in order to increase your confidence in achieving your goals. You may have attempted changes in the past with a level of fear because deep down you believed the changes would only be temporary. How many times have you put off dieting, knowing how hard it is to sustain this approach in the long term? You might wonder, “Why bother with the short-term reward, only to regain the weight – and with interest? My first response to this is that I want you to stop dieting. It does not work. Instead, it makes you derail and fuels your frustration further. Stop dieting. I will offer you an alternative during this program where I demonstrate how to eat a little of everything guilt free.

Deep down you want to be better. You have the desire to succeed in matters that will make a difference, and to let go of the trivial issues holding you back. I challenge you to read every second of this online program and watch every video, but also to actively participate in the included tasks in order to help you grow as a person, regain your vitality and love your weight loss journey.

You need to work through every section – not only those that you think you need to.  Any section that makes you feel uncomfortable should work through as often as you need until you become comfortable. You can use the website as a reference guide and go back to it when you require a refresher to re-focus, depending on your goals. One day you will look back and see this as the moment that changed your life.



For change to be of true value, it needs to be lasting and consistent. We have all experienced short-term change when trying to take control of our weight. This often happens with the dreaded “fad diets.” They promise quick results by basically starving you, rendering socialising a logistical nightmare as there is often little or nothing you can eat. You are setting yourself up to fail big time.

The fear of trying yet another diet often renders us paralyzed to even try because repeated failed attempts have made our subconscious minds believe that any change will only produce short-term rewards.

There are three principles that will help create lasting change in your body. They may appear simple, but when applied correctly they are very powerful and can help you take control of your weight.


PRINCIPLE 1. Raise your standards

Any time you sincerely want to change, the first thing you must do is raise your standards. This will help you get to where you want to be. At some level, you have personally accepted your current predicament – that you can’t do much about it and have tried everything. This is where the excuses surface, which only hold you stagnant.

Therefore, to lose weight you need to change your standards, such as changing what you read, who you hang out with or how you conduct yourself in a variety of social settings such as eating out, family functions, shopping and buying petrol.

The women’s magazines limit your belief by constantly offering short-term, quick fix, unsustainable solutions to weight loss placing too much focus on appearance. Dropping from a size 20 down to a size 14 won’t make you happy, nor will it magically improve your relationship if it is struggling.

If your family are all big eaters and food is a major part of their life, succumbing to thoughts of “my family has always been like this” won’t propel you forward. Someone needs to break the cycle, and you can be the one. Help family and friends understand that food is no longer going to rule you and that you will be in more control. This way, they can stop badgering you to eat a little more because “it won’t really hurt.”

Having weight loss surgery is not raising your standards. What you choose to do in order to work with your chosen weight loss surgery is the key to raising your standards. Changing your environment and firmly deciding that you will no longer tolerate anything that does not support what you aspire to become begins with the simple step of changing yourself and raising your standards.



You can raise your standards all you like, but deep down you need to have a belief you can achieve them or you will sabotage yourself – to the point where you won’t even try. If you currently have the belief that you are a failure regarding your weight loss (and you have had weight loss surgery), this can often hold you back from returning to the clinic for ongoing care and support that you desperately need.

You need to change your beliefs, and understand that being overweight is a chronic condition. Chronic conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, back and joint pain are all examples of medical conditions requiring ongoing support, maintenance and review. If you have had weight loss surgery, believe me, your weight loss clinic is crucial to your progress. If you are struggling with regurgitation, increased appetite and volume or overall lethargy, you must return to your clinic to help you get back on track medically. Staying home will be disastrous. No weight loss surgery is a “set and forget” principle.

Without taking control of your belief systems, you can raise your standards as much as you like, but you’ll never have the conviction to back them up. Our beliefs shape every action, thought and feeling that we experience. As a result, changing your belief system is central to making any real and lasting change in your life. You must develop a sense of certainty that you can and will meet the new standards before you actually do.



Once you raise your standard and truly believe you can achieve this, and then you will be able to figure out the strategies. Ultimately, this is what this book is about. It shows you the strategies to achieve your dreams in association with your chosen weight loss surgery. This book will provide you with the information needed to commit to these three principles.

Most people who attend my clinic often think they know what they need to do to gain control of their health. However, once the layers are peeled away, their vulnerability and need for retraining their knowledge is profoundly exposed.

There are some clients who really need education from the very beginning, as they were never shown how to prepare meals from quality raw food in a home kitchen for the whole family.

Other people who attend my clinic know what they need to do but need help applying this knowledge. Knowing is not enough – you need to take slow constant action in order to see results. You may find that throughout this book there will be sections where I am predominantly helping you apply the correct knowledge that you already have. I will be reminding you of things you already know, and helping you do it.

This is the coaching role I would like to play for you, if you’ll allow me to do so. But what specifically will I be coaching you on? I will offer you a practical guide that will enable you to create a lasting environment and mindset that will lead to a successful outcome with your weight loss surgery. The whole process can be summarized in seven steps.