Unlimited Support, Accountability and Motivation 12month Program with Helen Bauzon

  • Watch at home the 60min presentation specific to the band, sleeve or bypass
  • Unlimited, email, phone, sms for 12 months , receive a reply within 48hrs
  • Full access to 23 topics of videos for weight loss, emotional/non hungry eating, staying on track, label reading, cooking, exc, fasting etc
  • Email support to remind you what to do at every step, as discussed pre surgery
  • Monthly teleconference calls for accountability and support, meeting is recorded for you to access any time
  • Monthly live zoom meetings for habit change and staying on track, meeting is recorded for you to access any time


  • Ongoing support beyond 12months
    Private facebook group


As a patient of Dr Nottle, you are welcome to receive the amazing unlimited support package at a much cheaper price than the general community.  Your investment is $295

Once I see your order come through, I will document in Dr Nottles nottles notes to let him and the team know that you have watched the presentation specific to your surgery.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me to clarify.

You can pay using paypal or card options.